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QUALIFICATIONS: Extensive experience in computer graphic arts that covers all aspects of production. Especially skilled in manipulation and enhancement of photographic images. Recent focus on product package design (including boxes) and realistic, 3-D renderings of new product concepts. Exceptional creativity and communication skills; possess ability to transform verbal descriptions to visual presentations. Additional, diversified background in freehand art, air brushing, sculpture, mural production, and three dimensional set design.

COMPUTER SKILLS: Strong computer graphics skills; expert user of both IBM and Macintosh versions of Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, InDesign CS, Quark, Painter, Viz-3D.


 Designed new product packaging, from conception to fabrication / display at major home improvement retailers including Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc. Coordinated production according to international labeling specifications.

 Created exhibits for Cities and Commercial Developers: Enhanced aerial photos with artwork that projected what the commercial developments would look like at completion. Partial client      list includes Lewis Retail, Watson Development, and Lee & Associates. Awarded the American Planning Association’s Focused Issue Award.

 Prepared color aerial photography to indicate the proposed MagLev magnetic levitation train routes through the southern California area.

 Transformed site plans into realistic renderings. Typically developed a series of exhibits, including “plan view” and “before and after” images for public presentations.

 Designed entry statements and monument signs for the City of Claremont.

 Created branding packages, including logos, brochures, marketing aids, product labels,

and collateral materials. Coordinated production with printing companies.

 Participated in client conferences. Communicated suggested concepts and transformed their verbal descriptions to artwork, facilitating sales for my employer.

 Commissioned to design and paint murals and aircraft tails on U.S. Air Force fighter

aircraft and facilities. Developed squadron artwork: patches, nose art, etc.